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Cress Bistro- A new restaurant we visited

Most weekends, my mom takes me out for dinners, sometimes the entire family, which includes my grandparents, my mum and myself.. and sometimes, only me and mom head out for some masti..I am a part of her weekly expenditure budget.. I come quite expensive you see ;) So this Friday, we went to this new place called Cress Bistro.. my mom being a blogger and a very active foodie was invited to review this place..

Let me explain...What brings me here..

Ok.. so first of all let me explain.. why I am here and why this blog..
Most of the times we end up seeing the world from adult's perspective, be it our parents, grand parents or our teachers.. they decide what we eat, what we wear, where we should go.. what we should see and what not.. I am not by any means saying that we should not listen to them.. but all I wanna do is.. speak my own mind.. have my own opinions..especially about the things that interest me.. like movies..sports..traveling and of course food..