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Let me explain...What brings me here..

Ok.. so first of all let me explain.. why I am here and why this blog..
Most of the times we end up seeing the world from adult's perspective, be it our parents, grand parents or our teachers.. they decide what we eat, what we wear, where we should go.. what we should see and what not.. I am not by any means saying that we should not listen to them.. but all I wanna do is.. speak my own mind.. have my own opinions..especially about the things that interest me.. like movies..sports..traveling and of course food..

My mum writes too..and this is what inspired me to write for myself..
In my subsequent posts I will share experiences from my point of view.. the food that I liked.. the movies I saw.. or the places I travel and so on and so forth..

And also let me introduce myself briefly...
I am Armaan.. 12 years old..(Ok almost... my mom will still want me to say 11..but I am just 4 months away from being 12)
I study in VIth standard, in Cambridge School..
I love football and I am total freak.. My favourite footballer is Messy..
I love to watch movies too.. SRK fan because of my mom I guess..
I like traveling and spending time with my mom and my grand parents.. we go out quite frequently for dinners and love experimenting with food at home as well..

Well this is just the tip of the ice berg.. you will get to know more about me..slowly and steadily..

See ya folks..!!


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Chai Di Party at Eros Hotel

I may not be a tea fan, but who minds relishing some tea time snacks that come along, and that too when its Chai Di Party. Yes Chai Di Party or CDP as its fondly called has been a month long tea festival organised at the Tea Lounge, Eros Hotel. I went there with my mom and a few family friends and had a great time. Here is my pick on what all I liked:

Jaana tha Cheen.. Pahunch Gaye Japan.. Japanese food at Guppy by ai

Ok, so one fine Sunday afternoon, my mother took me to this Japanese Restaurant called Guppy by ai and the moment I came to know its Japanese food, it almost pissed me off. I would have been happy sitting at home having a Mc Donalds, but here I was with my mom and no choice to but sit and see what was in store. 
It was a sit-down brunch and we didn't need to order anything in particular, they were just serving one thing after the other and I was merely watching.
It started with some soups, which I didn't have. It was then followed by cold appetisers, which again I didn't even eye.

I Do Barbeque- Jaypee Siddharth- Awesome Experience

We went to Metro Grill by Jaypee Siddharth and I have to say that its one of the most amazing places I have ever been.
It has this amazing concept, where in you can barbecue your own food. The ambience of the place is equally mind blowing, it's a terrace restaurant and they have huge open spaces and making it a perfect place for a family to hang out together.