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Chai Di Party at Eros Hotel

I may not be a tea fan, but who minds relishing some tea time snacks that come along, and that too when its Chai Di Party. Yes Chai Di Party or CDP as its fondly called has been a month long tea festival organised at the Tea Lounge, Eros Hotel. I went there with my mom and a few family friends and had a great time. Here is my pick on what all I liked:

Matar Samosa- nice and crispy, bite sized samosas filled with roasted peas, dry fruits and mawa. They were surely delicious and I loved them. The samosas were encircled with crispy namak paras. I think it was an innovative way to present a regular snack and kudos to chef Nikhil for coming up with such ideas.

CDP Platter- this has my favourite paneer pakodas and I thoroughly enjoyed having them with some green chutney. The platter also has mirchi pakodas, kanda bhajiyas and bread rolls and all of the items were delicious.

Bhujiya Ki Bhel- this turned out to be one my favourites for the evening, though it was spicy, but with a glass of coke in hand, I could manage the spice. It was tangy, crispy and spicy and served in papad cones, which again I thought was a lovely way of presentation. Also because chef knew that it was a spicy preparation, gur paras were also served along with it. So that too was a saving grace.

Jalebi Ki Chaat- a very unusual preparation, words can't really describe this one, I think you must go to try this one out and figure out for yourself what its all about. All I can say is that it was delicious.

Bun Maska- people normally assume bun maska to be like a sweet bun buttered well, but no, this one was so different, it was indeed a sweet bun, topped with chocolate and coffee layer and they served it with maple syrup, whipped cream and blueberry sauce. It was really nice and more than me, my mom relished it like anything.

Apart from Ghar Ki Chai, they also had summer cooler drinks like Jamun Thanda, Sambharam, Adraki Sharbat and Jaljeera and I sipped them away enjoying my time.

Overall I had a great time having delicious snacks and quenching thirst with amazing drinks.

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