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I Do Barbeque- Jaypee Siddharth- Awesome Experience

We went to Metro Grill by Jaypee Siddharth and I have to say that its one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

It has this amazing concept, where in you can barbecue your own food. The ambience of the place is equally mind blowing, it's a terrace restaurant and they have huge open spaces and making it a perfect place for a family to hang out together.

We also met the executive chef of the hotel, chef Ashish Joshi, he seemed a very friendly and helpful guy. In fact he did help us with choosing our menu and also helped us in barbecuing the chicken.

As per concept, they have these shops from where you can buy your choice of meats and veggies, then select your rubs and marinades and they help you set up a barbeque and bring you all the essentials like oils, spices, cutlery etc. They also gave chef aprons to my mom and me and I felt elated wearing the same.

To start with we had Five Spiced Chicken Picatta, Cajun Chicken Breasts & Tandoori Marinated Cottage Cheese Steak, which went on to become my favorite.
As we got all the ingredients and the barbecue heated up, I set on the chicken and cottage cheese on the grill and brushed some oil too on it. Oh.. it was so much fun doing it, and then twisting and turning the chicken on grill till it was done.

The chicken breasts were amazing, simply too good and so was the cottage cheese. I didn't like the chicken picatta much, but the other two things were awesome.

I was now eagerly waiting for the next set of ingredients, because I was thoroughly enjoying the entire process of grilling the meats.
The next was fish and some pineapple, I am not fond of both so I gave them a skip, but I loved grilling them for my family.

The next we tried some Garlic Peppered Marinated Chicken Sausages and Orange Citrus Glazed Chicken with Skin. I loved the sausages and polished two of them quickly.

Well they also offer a Lazy Menu, for those who do not want to indulge in this process of Barbequing, though I highly recommend giving it a try, its so much fun. The lazy menu includes some pre decided food combinations and has quite a few options to choose from, not only in Indian, but Continental, Italian and other Cuisines as well.
This was my segment, its not that I didn't enjoy the barbecue, but somehow for me a meal isn’t complete without having some Dal and Roti and over a aperiod of time I am becoming an expert in Dal Makhani reviews.

The Dal was awesome and I now rate the restaurant very high because of their preparation of Dal Makhani. I relished the Dal with butter naans and it was a true bliss.

We also clicked selfie with the head chef, and all this inspires me a lot, if not a footballer, I think I might become a chef myself…

I am really thankful to my mother for taking me to such an amazing place. I cant get over it and wanna go back there really soon.


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