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Cress Bistro- A new restaurant we visited

 Most weekends, my mom takes me out for dinners, sometimes the entire family, which includes my grandparents, my mum and myself.. and sometimes, only me and mom head out for some masti..I am a part of her weekly expenditure budget.. I come quite expensive you see ;)
So this Friday, we went to this new place called Cress Bistro.. my mom being a blogger and a very active foodie was invited to review this place..

Oh I didn't tell much about my mom.. well.. she is a bundle of things.. she is an events with a big firm into strategy and planning( I don't understand much of it.. but all I know is she works on some crazy presentations and sometimes takes ideas from me as well when it is about children related events). My mom is a home baker too and bakes amazing cakes.. and cupcakes and many more such things.. on weekends she either takes me out.. or cooks her special meals. She paints..she writes.. she reads.. but most of all..she is the best mother one could ask for.. and she loves me a lot..

Ok so now coming back to this place.. Cress Bistro..Its located in GK3, Masjid Moth Market, quite close to our home.. not very far..
When we left from our place, I wasn't feeling much of a cold.. but then as we settled down in this open restaurant.. the weather started taking its toll on me.. it was really cold, but its always nice to sit in open spaces..

I don't know much about ordering food, but I am very good at judging the taste.. so ordering was left to my mom..
The first starter was Chipotle Chicken Tikka, which was nice, and tender, but little too spicy.. so after having one piece.. I could not have it more.. though I liked the taste very much..
The next was some kind of Chilly Chicken..with a very different name and also a different taste.. now everyone in the family liked it except me.. somehow I didn't find it very interesting.. I guess my mom makes the best chilly chicken..
you can see her recipe here..
The third dish was the most pathetic, it was some Burmese Dumplings.. I love momos and dumplings otherwise but this wasn't my type at all. These dumplings also had a sweetish gravy..which tasted like coconut gravy.. and i dint like it at all..

Now coming to the main course.. whatever my family orders, whenever we are eating Indian food outside, Dal Makhani as a must for me. My mom has started calling me an expert on the same.
We ordered Peanut Butter Chicken..Dal Makhani and Beliram Meat.
The dal was ok but not so great, that it would take me back to that place, I like butter chicken but this had an overdose of peanuts and hence it was disappointing too..the mutton curry was nice and I had butter naan with some mutton curry and dal.

The last thing of the menu was a chocolate dessert, some kind of a chocolaty was nice but again.. I think my mother makes better cakes and desserts.

Overall I will rate the place a moderate 3/5

Waiting for another weekend.. lets see whats in store..

Till then ta daaa....!!


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